Written Out of History : Forgotten Indian Scientists

In Collaboration with Munmun Dhalaria, Moon Peak Films, funded by DBT/WT India Alliance Public Engagement Award and DBT-inStem, Bangalore, we present you WRITTEN OUT OF HISTORY -FORGOTTEN INDIAN SCIENTISTS. A documentary that tells the stories of three unsung heroes from three decades of Indian science. We cover:

  • Dr. Sambhunath De – A medical scientist who discovered the Cholera toxin in 1959. Why is it that a scientist who helped tame an epidemic-causing disease gets confined only to the pages of our medical textbooks?

  • Dr. Sipra Guha Mukherjee – An Indian botanist who discovered haploid generation in plants using anthers in 1964. What struggles did she face as a woman in a man’s world?

  • Dr. Obaid Siddiqi – An exemplary biologist and the founder-director of the National Centre For Biological Sciences, TIFR, whose life and times are no less than an epoch.