Under progress

Tubulin/Microtubule related

Tubulin Preparation from porcine or goat (exclusive for India) brain

Recombinant yeast tubulin preparation from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Microtubule polymerization and polarity marking

Kinesin-1 (K560-GFP) purification

Microtubule binding and release for enriching active motors

Pf-MCAK (kinesin-13) purification

Actomyosin related

Actin preparation from chicken skeletal muscle

Muscle myosin II preparation from chicken skeletal and bovine heart muscle

Deadheading method to enrich active myosin motors

Motility assays with actin and muscle myosin

General lab protocols

Gibson mixture preparation

Competent cell preparation

Trolox mixture (anti-bleaching agent for in vitro fluorescence microscopy)